Tacks are used to mark places I've visited. Territories and protectorates with their own governments are considered separate nations. Extra tacks are used if parts of a country are separated by significant land or water (e.g., Hawaii, Borneo).

Recent Trips

Unfortunately, this page has become very out of date, despite the fact I continue to travel for work and fun. Such is the life of faculty. Here are some older trips:

Ethiopia - Winter 2012

A bumpy 2000km loop through northern Ethiopia.

Honeymoon - Summer 2012

Five weeks in the East African bush followed by a week of bliss on the white sands of Zanzibar.

Honduras - Winter 2011

Back to Central America and apparently way off the tourist trail.

New Zealand - Summer 2011

Tagged along with a bunch of CMUers going to a conference in Auckland.

Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Summer 2011

A post-internship escape to the Balkans.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua - Winter 2010

Plunging into the heart of Central America.

Guatemala - Spring 2010

A seven-day sprint to see as much as possible of this Central American gem.

Jamaica - Winter 2010

Circumnavigation of this friendly, laid-back, and culturally-vibrant island nation.

Uganda & Kenya - Winter 2009

Christmas with the family abroad. A month of sights, sounds, bumpy roads, and memories.

Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Summer 2008

A pan-Caucasian adventure. Three counties, cultures, languages, alphabets, cuisines, religions, ....

Italy - Summer 2008

With CHI in Florence, there was no excuse to not tour around.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - Winter 2007

Nine days exploring the Yucatan Peninsula.

Amsterdam, Turkey & Jordan - Summer 2007

A conference in Amsterdam, an archaeological expedition in Turkey, and a seven day jaunt in Jordan.

Chile - Winter 2006

Two and a half weeks, 3000 miles.

Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, & Russia - Summer 2006

Western Middle East or Eastern Mediterranean? An interesting visit this complex and often misunderstood region. Plus Russia.

Caribbean - 2006

A relaxing cruise from New York down to the sunny Caribbean.

Italy & Switzerland - 2005

A grand road trip of the Italian peninsula and a ski extravaganza in the Swiss Alps.

Summer 2004 - Summer 2005

Tanzania, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, China, Ecuador, West Coast USA, Spain, and Morocco. Whew.

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