Honeymoon 2012

Like much of our travels, Amy and I opted for an atypical honeymoon. It involved living in a tented camp in the middle of the Serengeti as part of a paleontological expedition. No running water, no toilets, no electricity, up at 6am everyday, and digging around in the dirt. We loved it! The upsides: seeing the sunrise and sunset everyday, along with classic safari wildlife, contributing to science, eating hearty camp food, and hanging out with an amazing team and a lot of curious Massai onlookers. To indulge ourselves after five weeks of intense field work, we did escape to the beautiful island of Zanzibar to live it up in style: ridiculously awesome hotels, snorkeling, swimming with wild dolphins, and celebrating Eid with the locals. To top it off, our flight home had a 12-hour layover in Cairo, which we took full advantage of.

© Chris Harrison