Sandak - Text Adventure RPG

Sandak is a text adventure role playing game. The story revolves around a group of bandits who are plaguing the vital roads of the fictional land, preventing necessary trade between the four cities (Sandak, Bentin, Engel, and Ft. Overlook). The world contains over 40 items such as healing potions, battle axes, chainmail, mushrooms and local fruits. The players also encounter a large selection of enemies that range from Field Mice to Ogres. Over 45 different types in all!

The player assumes the role of a commoner who starts out in the market of Engel and sets to find this mysterious evil. With only the money in his pocket and a dagger, the player will advance by defeating tougher and tougher foes and collecting or buying better armor, weapons, and items. As the player progresses though the game, the source of the evil will become apparent and the player must now take it in his or her hands to bring safety to the land again.

Below is the map of Sandak. It is not to scale, but is a fair representation of the geography. There are 84 different areas the player can explore. A large, high quality version of this map is available in the picture/download section.

Display Area DescriptionYES
Display ItemsYES
Display EnemiesYES
Take ItemsYES
Sell Items (at stores only)YES
Buy Items (at stores only)YES
Equip Weapons and ArmorYES
Ability to rest in innsYES
Talk to peopleNO - may not include
Display InventoryYES
Display StatusYES
Flee from battleYES
Auto attack from aggressive enemiesYES
Heal using items in inventoryYES
Randomly generate new enemiesNO - may not include
Allow enemies to fleeYES
Allow enemies to move around mapNO - may not include
StorylineNO - In development
Complete all 84 areas (100 total, 16 impassible)NO - 30 completed as of 9/2/01
If player attacks an innocent person while guards are present, all people in area auto attackYES
Use (mainly for keys and healing, replaces heal function)YES
Drop ItemsYES


Large High-Quality Sandak Map (nerd alert!)

Mac Beta Version - Comes with 14 explorable areas, full enemy and item lists. Mac OS 9.


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