Osiris: Massively Multiplayer RPG

As the Aurora MMORPG project slowly died, I was eager to find a partner to seriously tackle a MMO game. Hesh and I had been kicking the idea around for a long time, and even briefly worked on Aurora together. Hesh had wanted to do a proper old school RPG style MMO game. My main concern with doing a project like that is the quantity and variety of graphics that need to be found / made. Pulling off a professional and polished look is not easy, and I wanted this to look good if I was going to put the time in. I hunted around online for good looking tiles, characters, buildings, etc, and found some good stuff. Hesh got to work right away and got a really slick engine working within a few weeks. The characters and other NPCs had animated actions. Houses, trees and other features dotted the landscape. We were both really pumped! I was in charge of server and protocol design. However, I was swamped in work and couldn't get any major work done until early May, over a month since we first started working on Osiris. I did have time for little things that Hesh needed along the way, like a HUD, character portraits, and other graphical elements. As usual, school work caught up with us, and our interest disappeared along with our free time.

Early Tile Tests:

Game Shots:

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