Meteor Run

I set out to make my first truly graphical C++ program. I wanted to use SDL, as it had good graphics routines and wasn't too difficult to get started with. A week or two of tinkering yielded a robust sprite class, and this program, which I think is pretty cool.

What you don't see in the screenshots is the animated flying around, with smooth acceleration, bumping into meteors and sending them flying in the opposite direction, and a really neat parallax effect for the stars in the background.

I didn't make the graphics black-transparent, so some objects cover others. When everything is moving it's hard to see. This was a learning experience not the next blockbuster game.

I was going to develop it into a full game with missions and story etc. but I got busy again and interest faded. This is another unfinished program, but by far the most critical in my development as a programmer thus far.


Quicktime Movie High Quality

Meteor Run - MacOSX only (last known to be working on 10.2). Get SDL runtime libraries at (sit archive, 676k)


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