I'm the Habermann Chair and an Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, directing the Future Interfaces Group. My lab creates novel sensing and interface technologies that foster powerful and delightful interactions between humans and computers. This research often lies in emerging use modalities, such as wearable computing, touch interfaces and gestural interaction. Please see my research page for more details.

My idea of the good life is one of education, adventure and creativity.

Chris Harrison
School of Computer Science
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Future Interfaces Group
407 South Craig Street
Second Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
January 22Start journey back to US. Gearing up for semester research.
January 21Pickup commissioned furniture and kitanga art. House looking better.
January 17Weekend drive to Gatagara Pottery and King's Palace Museum in Nyanza.
January 14Collect rental car and move into AirBnB. Start getting settled.
January 13Semester kicks off at CMU Africa.
January 12Start long journey from Merida to Kigali.
January 11Uxmal with Harrisons.
January 10Unbelievable wedding at Hacienda Sac Chich. Big congrats to B&A.
January 9Barbershop and wedding reception. Amy's accidental crocodile swim.
January 8Cuzamá Cenotes with gaggle. Parador X’Tohil cenotes too.
January 7Drive to Villahermosa, stopping at Palenque en route. Fly to Merida.
January 6Bonompac & Yaxchilan. Night crocodile tour.
January 5Splish splash around Las Nubes. Drive to Lacanjá. Rejected from Los Domos.
January 4Chinkultic. Laguna de Montebello. Erin departs. Stunning drive.
January 3Comitan. Cascades el Chiflon. Lagos de Colón.
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