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Top South and Latin American Domain Names (.ar, .br, .mx)

South and Latin America Slowly Gaining Momentum


.ar (Argentina) domains in top 500

  • Positive trajectory.

.br (Brazil) domains in top 500

  • Dramatic dip from July '05 to July '06.
  • Big comeback post July 2006.

.mx (Mexico) domains in top 500

  • Mixed results.

Each visualization is segmented by six lines, which represent dates approximately six months apart. The first line is July 2004 and the final line is January 2007. Web sites are ordered along each of these axes according to their traffic rank. The site at the top is the most visited web site on the internet, while the site at the bottom is the 500th most visited. Movement in rank is visualized by colored lines. Positive movement is shown in green while negative movement is shown in red. The saturation of the color is proportional to the intensity of the change. Neutral (horizontal) movement is rendered in brown. If a web site enterers or leaves the top 500 list, its line is shown starting or ending at the bottom of the graph (the 500th position). See captions for additional details.



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