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Top Asian Domain Names (.jp, .cn, .hk, .tw, .kr)

Despite population and technology lead, Asia sees strong decline in web presence.

.cn (China) domains in top 500

  • Chinese domains have been clobbered, almost entirely loosing ground since 2004. Only one six-month period showed a net positive gain (July 05 to Jan 06).
  • The trajectory of China's middle-tier sites is clearly downward.
  •, China's top site, has maintained a level trajectory.
  • A new site, Yahoo! China, jumped into 16th place in Jan 2006. Two others jumped into the top 100 in July 2006.

.jp (Japan) domains in top 500

  • Almost all of the Japanese domains in the top 500 have a parabolic trajectory.
  • Japanese domains showed strong gains from July 2004 to July 2005, peaking at 32 top 500 websites. However, the tides turned by Jan 2006, reversing much of the progress (down to 18 websites).
  • Japan retains several prominent upper-tier sites. Although their rank has been fairly stable, there is slight parabolic trend.


.hk (Hong Kong) domains in top 500

  • Hong Kong suffered a big bust period from July 2004 to Jan 2006, surrendering much of it's prominence in the top 500 (including five top 100 spots)
  • A number of sites rebounded in July 2006, but most gains were reversed by Jan 2007.
  • Overall, Hong Kong sported about a dozen top 500 web sites in Feb 2005. By Jan 2007, only three sites remained on the list.

.tw (Taiwan) domains in top 500

  • Taiwanese domains are fairly stable.
  • There was a small boom/bust period in 2006.

.kr (Korea) domains in top 500

  • Korea has seen almost all of its top sites fall from the top 500.
  • Boasting seven top 500 sites in July 2004, Korea now only has one.



Each visualization is segmented by six lines, which represent dates approximately six months apart. The first line is July 2004 and the final line is January 2007. Web sites are ordered along each of these axes according to their traffic rank. The site at the top is the most visited web site on the internet, while the site at the bottom is the 500th most visited. Movement in rank is visualized by colored lines. Positive movement is shown in green while negative movement is shown in red. The saturation of the color is proportional to the intensity of the change. Neutral (horizontal) movement is rendered in brown. If a web site enterers or leaves the top 500 list, its line is shown starting or ending at the bottom of the graph (the 500th position). See captions for additional details.



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