Tacks are used to mark places I've visited. Territories and protectorates with their own governments are considered separate nations. Extra tacks are used if parts of a country are separated by significant land or water (e.g., Hawaii, Borneo).

Recent Trips

Unfortunately, this page has become quite out of date. Such is the life of Junior Faculty. Here are some older trips:

Ethiopia - Winter 2012

A bumpy 2000km loop through northern Ethiopia.

Honeymoon - Summer 2012

Five weeks in the East African bush followed by a week of bliss on the white sands of Zanzibar.

Honduras - Winter 2011

Back to Central America and apparently way off the tourist trail.

New Zealand - Summer 2011

Tagged along with a bunch of CMUers going to a conference in Auckland.

Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Summer 2011

A post-internship escape to the Balkans.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua - Winter 2010

Plunging into the heart of Central America.

Guatemala - Spring 2010

A seven-day sprint to see as much as possible of this Central American gem.

Jamaica - Winter 2010

Circumnavigation of this friendly, laid back and culturally vibrant island nation.

Uganda & Kenya - Winter 2009

Christmas with the family abroad. A month of sights, sounds, bumpy roads, and memories.

Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Summer 2008

A pan-Caucasian adventure. Three counties, cultures, languages, alphabets, cuisines, religions, ....

Italy - Summer 2008

With CHI in Florence, there was no excuse to not tour around.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - Winter 2007

Nine days exploring the Yucatan Peninsula.

Amsterdam, Turkey & Jordan - Summer 2007

A conference in Amsterdam, an archaeological expedition in Turkey, and a seven day jaunt in Jordan.

Chile - Winter 2006

Two and a half weeks, 3000 miles.

Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, & Russia - Summer 2006

Western Middle East or Eastern Mediterranean? An interesting visit this complex and often misunderstood region. Plus Russia.

Caribbean - 2006

A relaxing cruise from New York down to the sunny Caribbean.

Italy & Switzerland - 2005

A grand road trip of the Italian peninsula and a ski extravaganza in the Swiss Alps.

Summer 2004 - Summer 2005

Tanzania, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, China, Ecuador, West Coast USA, Spain, and Morocco. Whew.

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