I'm an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, directing the Future Interfaces Group. My group creates novel sensing and interface technologies that foster powerful and natural interactions between humans and computers. These research often lies in emerging use modalities, such as wearable computing, touch interfaces and gestural interaction. Please see my research brief for more details on my personal research. I am also a cofounder of Qeexo, a startup developing "rich-touch" interactive technologies.

My idea of the good life is one of education, creation, and adventure.

Chris Harrison
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

September 30Robert cuts 4x8' Pittsburgh map. SCS Dean Dinner.
September 29Return to US alone; Amy in Chile for field work.
September 27Wedding: bands, puppets, tequila donkey, taco cart, fireworks and friends.
September 26Buy lovely ceramics and 200 lbs. of tile in Dolores Hidalgo.
September 25Base in Guanajuato; so lovely!
September 24Submit NSF grant then depart for Davidoff wedding in Mexico.
September 22CHI deadline crush.
September 19Steel City Tattoo Convention with Susan. Interviews.
September 15Consumer Industry Transformations panel.
September 12Back to Beijing for dinner with Mr. Zhao at Diaoyutai Guest House.
September 11Consumer Industry Transformations panel.
September 10"Betazone" session with Sri. Paul Jacobs. China PM plenary.
September 9Bullet train to Tianjin. WEF Young Scientists kick off dinner.
September 6Depart for World Economic Forum in China.
August 26Hats off to Sunyoung and Stacey on their successful Ph.D. defenses.
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