I'm the Habermann Chair and an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, directing the Future Interfaces Group. My lab creates novel sensing and interface technologies that foster powerful and delightful interactions between humans and computers. This research often lies in emerging use modalities, such as wearable computing, touch interfaces and gestural interaction. Please see my research page for more details. I am also CTO and cofounder of Qeexo, a startup working at the intersection of machine learning and interactive technologies.

My idea of the good life is one of education, creation, and adventure.

Chris Harrison
School of Computer Science
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Future Interfaces Group
407 South Craig Street
Second Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
September 9Fly home. Attempt to clear plate in prep for CHI madness.
September 7Packard Fellows meeting for next three days. Amazing group of people.
September 6Productive day of packed meetings. Drive into Monterey late.
September 5Busy day capped with Google IoT Tech Talk. Surprise dinner with Alex!
September 4Off to Silicon Valley for week of meetings and events.
August 31Sharif gives us tour of Safi Juice renovations. Dinner with Lee and Dara.
August 28First day of classes. Kickoff collaborations with ASU.
August 17Cheng Zhang thesis proposal talk. Congrats.
August 16Drive and then fly back home from Grand Manan.
August 14Gierad on NPR, All Things Considered.
August 10Start lazy week of chatting with Brewers and beach combing. Lovely.
August 9Fly to Maine, then drive to Grand Manan.
August 7Amy in Philly for meetings. First time for me, so explore. Cheese Steak.
August 6In Etown for family gathering and memories.
August 2Head to Harrison homestead for few days R&R.
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